ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3

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ESR Napoleonics: Et sans résultat! Series 3

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ESR-1s3: ESR Napoleonics, Et sans résultat! Series 3

Et sans résultat! Series 3 is the newest edition of the perspective based operational-level Napoleonic wargame.

Quel massacre! Et sans résultat!

What a massacre! With no result!

Michel Ney, Maréchal d'Empire, 1er Duc d'Elchingen, upon surveying the blood stained snows of Eylau, 1807.

Et sans résultat! recreates the battles and campaigns of the French Revolution & Napoleonic Wars. You can command Davout’s famous IIIeme Corps d’armée against twice its number at Auerstädt in 1806, or deal the Imperial French their first defeat at Aspern-Essling in 1809. Can you recreate Napoléon’s brilliant but risky Six Days’ Campaign, attacking Blücher’s 50,000 man Armee von Schlesien with only 30,000 men, and defeating it four times in six days?

History is about to be made... by you... Et sans résultat!

Three Books in One

The Age of Napoléon will bring introduce players to the personalities, events, factions, and military terminology of the Napoleonic Age.

The Player's Guide includes the Quick Start Guide to get players started and dedicated sections providing the nitty gritty of Command, Movement, and Combat.

Planning for War will help players plan out their own games, build their own Armies, Forces, and Formations, and 13 Starter Scenarios allow players to jump into an archetypical battle of nearly any part of the Napoleonic Age.

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ISBN: 978-1-954013-00-1

Published in hardback.

112 pages.

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  • 5
    Et sans résultat

    Posted by on Sep 12th 2022

    The rule mechanic seem to be cool and nice to play. I Will try it on next WE

  • 5
    Good Revision

    Posted by Marco on May 2nd 2022

    very good revision of an already great rule set. As a hardcover now it sits also well on the shelf beside my other ESR books.

  • 4
    A game that allows a player to fight large engagements in a limited area with a limited amount of models

    Posted by Reg Wirth on Apr 15th 2022

    This the level of gaming that I've been looking for . The mechanics of these rules represent the time period . However, the rules need to be a little better organized. I found them hard to follow and a little confusing at some points. I would suggest a companion video explaining the working of them. Once you understand these rules they are fairly simple and quick to play.

  • 5
    ESR Series 3 Rulebook

    Posted by Hugh on Apr 14th 2022

    Another very well crafted and assembled product, the text is generally very clear and well written. I highly recommend this game and all the kit that can come along with it.

  • 5
    Et Sans Resultat 3rd Edition

    Posted by Bob Smith on Apr 14th 2022

    A unique system that works exceptionally well for Napoleonic warfare.

  • 5
    Rules and associated player aid cards

    Posted by Kevin on Apr 13th 2022

    Not played version 3 yet, but it looks fabulous. Just what is needed in Napoleonics today - rules that allow you to play entire battles and not just corps-level actions. Only complaint is that there are no leader and unit cards yet available for French allies, Prussian, Austrian, Swedish, Ottoman, or Spanish armies. Cannot wait until these are available.

  • 5
    Et sans résultat! Series 3

    Posted by Christopher Sweet on Apr 3rd 2022

    Just as the best Napoleonic naval games require that you know how to "sail" your ships by the wind, plan ahead, and maintain your battle line; in ESR you must know how to deploy your corps, divisions, and assets like artillery to take the best advantage of your army's strengths on the given terrain. You must decide when to commit your reserves, when to shelter your battle-worn formations, and most of all, how to stay alive on the battlefield.

    The game's name is misleading: There is always a decisive win or loss, but it may not be the "battle of annihilation" you're hoping for.

    The game turns on your judgment, not on the roll of the dice. There's always plenty you can do to compensate for bad dice rolling.

    The French are not "gods," but you have to know your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the enemy's, if you play as the French or against them.

    In truth, battles of ESR3 are lost or won by the player. No bad situation is hopeless until you've been reduced to exhaustion. That's why it's important that you keep a reserve.

    Pendulum swings are slow and steady, so I've seen little or no cursing the dice; the slow erosion can creep up on you, however. It's a game of reading the tipping points.

    I recommend trying it with whatever minis you have, or even cardboard counters, just to learn how it plays.

  • 5
    Great rulebook!!!

    Posted by Sean Martin on Apr 2nd 2022

    This certainly improved in the 2nd edition... made it much easier to understand things.... Great Job David and Becky!!!

  • 5
    Et Sans Resultat! Series 3

    Posted by Maurice Hopkins on Apr 2nd 2022

    The rules simplifications in Series 3 make the game much easier to understand and much more playable. The rules are much shorter, the background much deeper, and movement of the uniform illustrations to the scenario books makes for a far less daunting experience. The streamlining of rules will make this landmark Napoleonic game more accessible and appealing to a far wider audience.