Et sans résultat! Second Edition: The Complete Player's Guide

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Et sans résultat! Second Edition: The Complete Player's Guide

Et sans résultat! 

Second Edition: The Complete Player's Guide 

ESR Second Edition may be played with any figures and any basing at any ground scale. 

  • PLAYER'S PERSPECTIVE: corps commander 
  • BASIC UNIT: infantry battalions, cavalry squadron groups, artillery batteries 
  • ANY SCALE MINIATURES: 2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15/18mm or 25/28mm 
  • ANY GROUND SCALE: 1 = 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 yards 
  • TIME SCALE: 3 turns = 1 hour 


The ESR Player's Guide – Rulebook 

Raising an Army – Extensive historical organization examples, commander and unit ratings 

Planning for War – Scenario design guide and sample scenario 

An approximately 200 page, bound rulebook, including two supplements 

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    Review of Complete Guide

    Posted by Frank Rendla on Mar 30th 2019

    Ample examples and illustrations. The only thing maybe to improvement on, and I need this form is for that, is a better explanation of how to track orders. I know the books you can either have a marker on the table to denote orders, or on the roster, but if you use a roster, are you continually erase and rewriting updated orders? And I suppose the same with fatigue? Record and erase if reformed or defending and then reapplying. This is a very minor thing, and I had to strain to think of something that can be improved on. The writing and erasing seemed clunky and so I went with the markers on the table for objectives, orders and fatigue.
    The rule set does deserve the 5-star rating. With orders, movement and combat and how it plays out, I do get a sense that I can read an account of an engagement and see it played out on the table.

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    Complete players guide

    Posted by Stephen Foulk on Aug 29th 2018

    I’ve lost count of the number of rule sets I’ve tried over the last 45 years (I still remember the name of the first ‘Bayonet’ a friend had in 1973). Some sets were noble efforts, some were just plain rubbish but none of the ‘grand tactical’ rules managed to put you in the role of commander without forgetting its aim and dove into the cornflakes or abstracted to a level where it felt like a board game in the table.

    It’s early days with these rules but at every turn I’m pleasantly surprised my the mechanisms. The book itself if hefty in the complete format but it’s well organised with pages colour coded and plenty of examples.
    And the army lists which form a good part of the book are comprehensive . I was thinking I might have to separate the parts of the book for convenience but even after a couple of games I’ve decided the quick reference sheet will be all that’s needed once you’ve absorbed the mechanics. I should say the mechanics look daunting at first but they’re really not, once you get the idea of ‘the formation’ clear in your head (usually an infantry division or cavalry brigade) and realise the author is pretty precise in his language most things make total sense, (plus the author is amazingly helpful and very active on the Facebook page and Yahoo group you really get the idea he’s invested in the rules because he’s a player and enthusiast).

    So don’t I have any criticisms? Well, I’m a wargamer so of course I do but honestly so minor as to not worth mentioning and are about my understanding of some obscure points of Napoleonic warfare.

    Without any hesitation I recommend these if you’re interested in managing the problems facing a Napoleonic commander at the grand tactical level but still gives you visibility of individual battalions so you know them as the commander would.

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    Et Sans Resultat

    Posted by Ivan Torres on Aug 16th 2018

    Interesting set of rules that really capture the essence of the Napoleonic Wars, highly recommended!!!

  • 5
    Ivan Torres

    Posted by Ivan Torres on Aug 16th 2018

    Interesting set of rules that really capture the essence of the Napoleonic Wars, highly recommended!!!

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    ESR Rules Review

    Posted by Shawn Ledford on Aug 8th 2018

    I started with E3, went up to E5 and while I loved the rules and scale, I did not love the time it took to resolve battles and the constant rules "discussions". I then switched to NB and did not like the command system or scale, it just felt like I was losing some of the flavor of the period. With ESR, I think I have the perfect balance. Initially, the combat system felt inconclusive but after two turns of Assessment Tests I started to see the elegance behind the system and have become a convert. It allows us to play large battles a day. The one part of the system we are still working through is the Order system and understanding how to interpret our plans into Objectives and Orders. This will come with further experience (and helpful clarifications from the very responsive author!)

    Bottom Line - I am buying more troops again after a 15 year hiatus and looking to rebase my Cavalry!

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    Et Sans Resultat

    Posted by David on Apr 4th 2018

    A very well presented set of rules. Clearly written, well laid out, plenty of examples of play and diagrams. Contains extensive information on organising armies for the game. Beautiful illustrations throughout.
    The rules are simple but have a lot of nuances that are not immediately obvious. The best set of grand tactical Napoleonic rules I've played that allow you to command the army, lead the battalions and still finish the game in an afternoon.