Static Grass Game Mat 5x7'

Static Grass Game Mat 5x7'

The Static Grass BattleMat joins our family of realistic game mats! Made with static grass.

  • Pre-cut to nominally 7x5' but can be quickly cut to fit any game system field requirements
  • Special Cotton Blend backing allows for hills to be placed underneath for a seamlessly smooth look.
  • Thick Backing eliminates wrinkles or mat movement during gameplay
  • Suitable for any model scale from 3mm-72mm
  • Very Lightweight and travels well
  • Multiple levels of grass tones to ensure an ultra-realistic battlefield finish

Approximate dimensions are 5x7', actual size may vary, final product is always in excess of 54x78". Exact color may vary from example photographs depending on proportions of each color of static grass used in the production of a given mat.

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